Monday, December 6, 2010

Nurturing The Winner & Genius In Your Child

For many, being a parent is part and parcel of married life. Parenting can be said to be one of the most difficult as well as rewarding job that a person can have. What makes parenting even more challenging is the fact that the majority of us are never prepared for how our kids will turn to be. In life, we do not have a school that we can go to and graduate as a parent. Many times, we learn to do things through trail and error or follow the footsteps of our own parents. Nevertheless, we find that parenting, much to our horror, is not only about providing food and shelter for our kids but also about nurturing them to be better than who we are. It is here that many of us as parents meet our biggest obstacles as our kids never seem to understand the words that come out from our mouth even though we speak the same language call English.

No doubt many parents face this problem as their children grow older. The gap in communication becomes wider and wider with age and we find that out kids turn to their peers more than to us as parents for counsel. The upside of things is that parenting need not be an uphill struggle between your child and yourself. With the proper strategy and right frame of mind, we as parents do have the power to help shape our children lives positively. The key lies in being able to communicate with them coherently and I find the book by Adam Khoo and Gray Lee called “Nurturing the Winner & Genius in Your Child” an extremely helpful and informative book in this respect.

Adam Khoo, a best seller author and peak performance trainer, and co author Gray Lee, a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ (NLP) trainer and an MBTITM accredited facilitator have put together an excellent book that helps explain why our children behave the way they are. Together, these two highly qualified individuals have trained and empowered over 350,000 people to change their lives for the better. Their highly successful Superkids™, ‘I Am Gifted So Are You!™’,‘Patterns of Excellence™’ and ‘Wealth Academy™’ programs have already been adopted in several countries in South East Asia. 

Nurturing The Winner & Genius In Your Child

This book was written based on the premise that the positive development of a child is built upon on mutual active participation between the parents and the child. This is where this book differs from most of the other books regarding child development. As a parent myself, I have to confess that at times, due to the stress of modern life, we tend to overlook the emotional needs of our children because we took it for granted that they understand the adult world. I also have to admit that the time I invested into reading this book did indeed enlighten me about several aspects of parenting which never crossed my mind. One of the most powerful concepts that I was able to grasp was that in order for us to successfully develop our children mindset positively, is that the changes have to come from within us first. Adam Khoo calls this concept “Reframing the Mind”. 

“Reframing the Mind” basically refers to changing the negative mindset and perception of a child to one that is positive in order that the child can be empowered and grow in self esteem. And this takes place at the contextual and as well as the content level of a particular situation. The book was able to clearly illustrate how this reframing of the mind works on both the parent and the child. For example, on the parental level, when a child complain that it is useless to further his or her studies and he or she prefer to start working early, our response as parent should not be to ignore their emotions and give them a typical response like “Are you crazy?” Instead the book advices us as a parent to first reframe our mind and approach the situation differently by recognizing and respecting the perception of their world.

In addition, the book is also filled with exercises that help parents to unlock the potential in their children mind. For example, in Chapter 2 of the book, it explains how we were all born with the innate potential to be geniuses and using the transformational exercises contain in the book, we can actually “unlock” our children learning potential. The book also uses Adam Khoo when he was young as an example. Using techniques like ‘Whole Brain Learning’, ‘Accelerated Learning’, ‘Mind Mapping’, ‘Brain Optional Learning’, ‘Super Memory Techniques’ and ‘Speed Reading’, he transformed himself from being a slow learner into a gifted student. 

Overall the book is well written and well laid out. The concepts and philosophy put forward are explained clearly. And written with a personal tone and at times humorous, it is easy to relate to what the authors are trying to say. This is not surprising as the book also reveal the authors own personal challenges and experiences in their lives making reading this book all the more interesting and enjoyable. At times, I cannot help but laugh at what the book pointed out to me as a parent especially when it comes to the ways that we had reprimanded our children. 

Our world today has changed tremendously from what it used to be. The ways we communicate with each other have also changed in ways that we could not even imagine 20 years ago. During our childhood years, we were playing with diecast toys or stuffed dolls for the girls; children today have computer games that are networked all over the world. At a single click of the mouse, they can reach out to almost anyone on the internet. Yet, despite all the conveniences of modern communication technologies, we find ourselves drifting further and further apart from our children. Ask yourself this, does your child spend more time on the computer or with you? This is one of the key issues that this book did point out me to me while I was perusing through it. 

Computer games addiction is a very common theme among youngster nowadays. We adults can never fully understand why as we have never experienced the kind of “stress” that children nowadays go through. Chapter 1 of the book helped me to understand the reason behind the allure of computers games to children. One of the reasons is that, children used computer games as a form of regaining control of their lives although sadly within the confines of the virtual world. And this in turn, teaches children that instant gratification is the norm of life today. Unlike before, we were taught appreciate the principle of delayed gratification. With the exercises laid in the book, we can actually discover the “root” causes of the problems faced by our children and deal with them accordingly. 

Unless we as parents take the first initiative to learn to understand our children better from their point of view, we will never to able to bridge this communication gap. We cannot use the methods which our parents brought us up with and impose them on own our children. The world then as we know it is no longer as it used to be. With that, we ourselves must realize that the old ways of parenting are no longer applicable in our modern world. To nurture the development of our children positively, we ourselves need to, as Adam Khoo says, “Reframe our Mind” first. And that first step starts by reading “Nurturing the Winner & Genius in Your Child” and learning new strategies for effective parenting. 

From Adam Khoo's parenting resource.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Of husbands and frustration

To be married to the hero (not too sure about that at this stress point) of my dreams for 15 years (holy moly, I had no idea it's that l-o-n-g already) or to be continually frustrated up the wall by my hero's idealistic (yes, definitely read idiotic here, I was being polite) projects? 

Ahhhh, tough question that.

Does frittering away oh, say about a couple thou quid on a sporting hobby seem okay?  Well let's say, it's his interest, his thing, nothing to do with me.  Heck, fine.  But what if that entailed me having to put up with not one but two guests over 10 days, who are hygienically challenged and have oddball eating preferences?  Oh, maybe stuff me straight away into the nuthouse would be a safe option for him. 

I cook, I clean, I launder, I clean up some more ... it gets better.  I get criticised by the guests still for my lousy cooking!  And on top of that, I have to suffer having to entertain (read more cleaning and serving) the guests of our guests twice ...  that really threw me ... into the pits of raging depression.

Hands up if anyone has a dorkier hero than mine?

Friday, March 28, 2008

Take 45 mins of solitary bliss

The irony of it all. Even with my newfound emancipation ever since Rhian has graduated away from toddlerhood and is now in full time schooling, it has NOT been easy to find time to write. Whenever I get a spot of time away from the mad rush of drudgery, I just flop and space out. And wonder of wonders, I realized that I have been succumbing to catnaps in the afternoon. A door is opened!!!

I don't know if I should be happy or worried about this. Perhaps my age has dawned on my ignorant body and is telling me to watch it. I'm no spring chicken. What a terrible thought.

Like I keep telling my newfound Japanese comrade in motherhood battle, an "obasan"!

Again, I can't dally as long as I like. When my sandwich is munched up, and my tummy fortified to allay morning rumbles, there's vacuuming to be done, laundry to fold and clothes to iron. This is now almost half past nine in the morning, and by the time all that load is done, I'm probably just in time to do a little lunch. Or not. Depends on how zesty I will tackle the housework this morn.

And I haven't forgotten that I'm down to a quarter tank of fuel, and it needs filling up. I'm nervous about making another trip to the petrol station. I know I have to do it this afternoon before the kids are back, so the car is topped up for the long trip to their Chinese classes tomorrow morning ... but I really don't feel like doing that. really really don't.

I have been out all morning yesterday - shopping! There. The ugly truth is out. However, it's on an important mission. Hey! It really is! My sis will stand testimony to the fact that I'm no shopper. I have been faithfully wearing her hand-me-downs all my life and will continue to do so. She's the one with The Eye. Incidentally, she's the one making me do all the running because I have to coordinate my kids' clothing with hers. Coordinating children's wear across a continent is no mean feat.

My sandwich is gone.

I don't want to go but I have to. My bottom may atrophy onto my carpet if I let be.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Independence Dayzzz

R has started Pre-School already and I'm rewarded with 5 full days of unnatural emancipation for 6 whole hours to do whatever I like!


The first day Rhian went to school, I was left feeling a little lost though. The house was so quiet. So very quiet without her incessant chatter. Hubby says I ought to make a recording of her voice and play it during the day to make the day seem "normal".

That seems like an idea. I kept wondering at intervals what she was doing at school, and if she was fitting in okay.

The very next day, the second day she was due to attend school, however, the teachers went on semi-strike. They all stopped work for a half-day to conduct a meeting. It looks like they are fighting for good reasons though, which I'm sort of in favour of. I'm still of the firm belief that teachers belong to this very noble group who willingly dedicate their lives towards the education of little terrors. I mean, I'm really up to my neck, and I probably sink many times, so what is my two little ones compared to their class-full??? It's an awfully heavy responsibility to mind and teach them. Not everyone has the emotional mettle to be a good teacher.

So, here I am with a bit of time again. And I decide to start writing a little again. I'm ambling ... I haven't really gotten my mind round to the fact of my 6-hour liberation for 5 days at a stretch! Besides "penning" down my thoughts now and then in this blog, I haven't a clue yet about how to structure my time. In a constructive manner as opposed to my spacing out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Someone broke into my car!

We were all trooping back merrily to my after B's Jujitsu class at the Melville Recreation Centre. And me being forever, a Blur Queen, got into my seat, reached for my GPS, and discovered that it was not in the compartment. Still, I continued to calmly rummage around for it at the front. I thought B had stashed it elsewhere for me. So, I got out to get round to to the back. Then, I see this big hole in my side panel window .......

oooh .... my .... god ....

There were shattered glass shards and splinters strewn all over the back seat.

What a baaaaaaaaad way to end the day.

I lost my trusty GPS, the in-car entertainment set for my kids which was 2 TV screens, remote controls, game consoles, and the player itself ... On the bright side though, my lovely boy and girl were not the least bit concerned about losing their back seat entertainment. Instead, they exclaimed, "Oh, poor mummy! How will you get around without the GPS? You will get lost???"

That's me. I'm so hopeless and my kids are so wonderfully aware about this. So, despite the unlucky hassle of not only losing stuff, but having to pay to replace lost items, and not to mention, the nasty cleanup in my car, it does soothe the shaken senses when your kids care more about you than their "toys".

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Glitter Generators

Monday, January 21, 2008

Come and Join Me in Australia!

Hey Everyone,

Australia is in serious shortage of skilled, experienced engineers for the Oil & Gas sector here. I'm working with a bunch of great guys, or should I say, 2 great guys. Mmmm, sorry girls, these guys are taken. Mine including. Keep coming back and I will unravel the mystery.

Come over and check out Novexx, a niche headhunting firm, with a global recruitment outlook for the energy and resources sector.

Are you game to switch to ...

  • a happy balance between family and work,
  • earn a darn sight more,
  • live on your own land and not some hole in the sky,
  • have great outdoor spaces and activities for your kids,
  • to actually believe and watch your kids absolutely enjoying schooling and to realize you're not beset by any exam jitters at all,
  • best of all, and this one is my personal favorite, to see my husband back by between 5-5.30pm, Mon-Fri
  • that your husband is fully participating in your kids growth as much as you
  • your bank savings are earning decent rates from 6% onwards
  • no silly societal and peer pressure here, so ...
  • no need to strive for 4Cs anymore, and keep up with the Joneses (or Changs, Durais' or god knows what else may come up!)
  • no shame in being a bricklayer or in a hard labour trade which rakes in big, big bucks here
  • no shame in working at MacDonald's or being a cashier ...
  • no aspiring to climb the corporate ladder because a welder may be earning twice as much as a manager, and yet have less than half the worries ... I really like this as it is such a twist on allthat Machiavellian conniving so rift in the corporate world, nyyyaaaahh! So, basically, a person can say, "B*lls to you, who cares if you're some high-level managerial *ss if you're getting worse ... so don't you stick your snotty nose up at me ..." (me personal opinion and no offense intended, just wanting to highlight the funny but realistic side of this) - cool eh?
  • almost left this out, the equivalent of CPF here is the Super which totally belongs to you and is yours to manage if you have the experience to do this. You are also free to invest it in a wide-ranging selection from property to stocks, australian or international, lots more - yes, not quite so narrow-minded here it seems. You do not need to have one leg in the grave to touch your super. Just the usual age eligibility of 65 will do. And the government here will not mess with your super or stick their fingers into it.

Now, let's turn to the papers here, in view of this shortage of skilled professionals, to show I'm really not B*llsh*tting.

A look at today's news headlined an article titled, Unconventional recruitment winning, (click to read full article). The following has been excerpted from the article.
According to the RCSA survey, engineers are in the most wanted category, closely followed by business professionals.
Interestingly, the skills shortage top 10 list includes, you wouldn't believe it!
- Receptionists and telephonists !!!

Do drop me a line and give me a buzz if you want to take up this challenge.

Yours truly,

Lotterywest Australia Day Skyworks Celebrations 2008

We'll be heading down to Langley Park to have a family day out and watch the kids go wild with all those activities galore starting from one end of the Swan River and swinging right around to the other side. This is a one BIG MOTHER of an event!

And we'll head back to our cosy suburb and nestle down by a good spot at our riverside and watch the fireworks spectacular far from the madding crowds. Bring our trusty picnic mat, picnic basket and we're set to wind down for a lovely evening dinner with a fantastic live dinner entertainment of pyrotechnics!

Cheers mates!!!

We buzzzzz ...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Merry Christmas! and Getting back in tempo

Our suburb

Wishing everyone a Very Merry X'mas!

We're finally up and running with the internet after a hiccup-fraught application which took many calls back and forth and 2 failed applications before it took off. Woo! Nothing but the f-word will describe that slow-moving agony ... nope, it's frustration!!! What were you guys thinking of?

Anyways, I believe my blog will stay neglected for a l-o-n-g while because there's too much to do and so much life to catch up on over here, back in Perth, and in a most picturesque suburb imaginable. It's north-facing, our townhouse is north-facing and we're very near the water - the Swan River - so, it's all plenty good as far as SL's career path feng shui goes. I was worried that we would only be getting the tail end of the fair weather after heading back here, since Dec brings back the heat slowly but surely. It's all good so far however, because, there have been cold fronts coming in and keeping the heat at bay. It's now a cool 16 degrees as I type this at night ....... so very lovely and cold ... what more could we ask for? So, before I lose myself and gush you all into yawning boredom, here are some pics to perk you up!

Jacaranda-lined streets make for pleasant walks

Thanks to this beautiful suburb, you find us outdoors an awful lot. The tree-lined streets with their purple over-hanging branches frames the street scape makes walking very pleasant indeed. Top that off with the cool weather favouring us at the moment, and it's BLISS!

My kids love cycling along the river. If we're out around 4pm or so and there are gusty winds coming in, you'll be greeted by fabulous views of the kite surfers with their huge, colorful kites dotting the air pulling the surfers beneath them over the waves. Fantastic sight! It's a popular spot for kite surfing on account of the strong sea breezes. I'm crossing my fingers that lovely, strong sea breezes will keep the summer heat at bay, and hold out all the way until it gets cool around April or so ...

One of our many cycling forays along the Swan foreshore just behind us

Our after dinner sunset strolls

If my kids can't get out cycling, they do it around the back yard. The roses are also coming into season and the terrors have been thrilled with the bursting colours of the blooms.

Mucking around and Roses we picked from our backyard

Flower-giving ceremony for the old folks
at the Fo Guang Shan Temple
where B+R became flower girls and boys

Claisemont Cove, Royal Street at East Perth
where we love hanging out. Now, the picture does not do it
justice but it's absolutely woweee when you're down there in the flesh.
Trust me, this is not your crowded, noisome UOB Boat Quay,
Clark Quay gala. It's much quieter, genteel and family-friendly!
Oh, there's a family pub there too but the noise level is tolerable.
If you don't like that, you can always stroll further down towards the park lands.

Well, that's our little update for now. As it is, we're still finding our feet here, and yes, we're taking our own very sweet time over it. Which, I might add, is very pleasant! Must be the Christmas season lulling us into a slower pace too I guess. There are parties to attend, places to go and to simply soak in the beautiful surrounds.

And until then, please ...
Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Transitional limbo

Queen's Park, East Perth

Desperation. A feeling I can do less with. I'm glad we got over this. It's been a frustration-filled two and a half week's worth of house hunting. The houses get snapped up so fast. Just gone in a blink ...

There was an open house we went to at 11am. It was advertised for 11am. We planned, we reached, a minute or two before 11am. And when we walked through the open door, we were greeted with
sorry, but it's been leased out ten minutes ago.
Leaves you speechless.

We changed options many times, looking at other areas, other choices. Bought the papers, scoured through the listings faithfully, and went to many home opens, drove by, and around many suburbs to get a feel of the areas - it was a lot of effort. Checked up the real estate website everday, we probably boosted their page views by a fair chunk. Instead of our usual screen savers, you saw the real estate home page. It was that bad, that frustrating, and that desperate.

It's all over now. I'm left curiously deflated. A hurdle crossed. But, curiously, empty. Aimless even. Nothing to solve, nothing to research for the time being. Tell me that again. That humans are strange and contradictory. Maybe it's just me.

Monday, November 5, 2007

At another crossroad

Good Morning!

Here we are safely ensconced in Perth once again. Happy smiling faces all around. It's good to be back. That's for a million times sure. Internet connection here has been tacky (as usual ... is there ANY place in AU where the connection is not? Since the whole thing is under the whimsical monopoly of Telstra). I have had trouble logging into my blog account. But, since this is a complimentary service that comes with this accommodation, it's still GREAT - yaaaay!

At least, we still get to do a great many things online. Here are some pictures of this terrace we're putting up at. It's a neat little place. Bedrooms, toilet, bathroom are upstairs. Open plan kitchen with full mod cons, dining and living are downstairs. A little breakfast baloney out front, overlooking the pool below - although the pool is closed at the moment ... place is also secure. Entry by keycards, one for the apartment and one for the parking area. Everything hunky dory as far as transitions go. The next step though has proven to be rather ... tricky, to er, put it mildly and to avoid getting my emotions up.

Location is convenient. Riverside is across the other side of the road. I walked to Swan Bell's and the Barrack Jetty with my kids in the bracing coolness. Wonderful!! How we have missed that in Darwin. Brandon was so happy,he kept yelling, "ooh, it's nice and cold! I love it!" We love walking in cold weather. You don't even work up a sweat! How fantastic is that? A pleasant, non-sweaty, cardio workout that you can enjoy together in tandem with your kids!!

YES, we have been walking to our heart's content, everywhere!! Queen's Park is just behind with a beautiful family of cygnets and lots of other water fowl, except you have to watch out for the bird poop. Otherwise, it's a beautiful, postcard perfect park. We've chosen to walk to the Murray/Hay street malls instead of hopping onto the CAT services, since it's not that far, and I wanted to just soak in the city sights along the way.

And oh! the scrummelicious food is pure heaven to get back to! SL is definitely back into his element here. He's been in food heaven ever since. And to sweeten it all, prices here are also wonderfully cheaper than in Darwin ... by jove, it's GOOOOOOOD to be here again.

We've forgotten that stuff in Perth is so much cheaper than in Darwin. Petrol is also cheaper @ 1.28!

What else is different for me?

Well, there are LOTS of vehicles out on the roads. I haven't gotten my nerves up to really drive about here yet ... if I can get them straight in the first place. Maybe, it's because we're smack in the midst of the CBD and that we've to go over the freeways each time we need to go into surburbia. It freaks me out. Too many lanes, too many exits clustered together, and too many roads telling you no right turn here, left turn only ... it's a nightmare gone berserk for a greenhorn like me!

The other royal headache has been the house hunting. It's been an extremely, insanely mad raceto get a rental over here! You can probably guess that it's been a frustrating hunt thus far. Rents have also gone up a fair bit since we've been gone and supply has shrunken to a pitiful trickle. We've been to a fair few viewings but have not turned up anything suitable.

We've just spent the weekends and at least 3 evenings driving about, looking at houses, suburbs ...

It's been tiring for the kids but something we've needed to do. Tiring for my poor man too ...

On happier notes, my kids have been reacquainting themselves with King's Park, and loving it.

They love the lovely lawns and running all over the grounds.

From the high vantage point, we've been able to enjoy leisurely but spectacular views of the Red Bull Air Race. The planes were zipping and somersaulting overhead and we could watch their aerial acrobatics over the river.

Great picnic outing.

So, of course, we did it again the very next day!

Water Garden.

Walkway with Glassed Bridge overlooking the Old Swan Brewery.

We're now starting out our 3rd week here ... and many more to come.

See you again next time, that is, if I can login in ...